Interns learn the ways of American law

Interns from the University of Münster pose for a picture with Judge Fred Pepple, of the Auglaize County Court of Common Pleas in the Auglaize County Courthouse on Thursday. Pictured from left to right, Katharina Rühmann, Helen Aufderheide, Judge Fred Pepple, Maximilian Stöckl, Madeleine Maschke
Staff Writer

They've only spent three weeks in Wapakoneta, but four interns at the Auglaize County Courthouse already feel at home in west central Ohio.

The law students, visiting from the University of Münster in Germany, have spent the duration of their brief internship — which comes to a close today — immersed in Ohio's legal system and Midwestern culture, under the generous stewardship of Judge Fred Pepple of the Auglaize County Common Pleas Court.

Pepple, who teaches a course at the University of Münster, along with his colleagues at the German University, recruited the students to help get the group practical experience and knowledge of American law.

The bulk of the internship was an examination and analysis of...

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