Interim ready for challenge

Dana Webb says she has enjoyed the 13 years she has worked at the Auglaize County District Public library.
As she sees it, she will likely enjoy at least another 13 years or so.
“I am very happy here,” Webb said. “I will probably retire here. As long as they will have me.”
Webb, 51, and her husband, Dave, live in Wapakoneta. They have two grown children, Kyle, 24, and Brigitte, 23.
Webb, who graduated from Tipp City High School, moved to Wapakoneta in 1982 after earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Eastern Kentucky University. She serves as the library’s fiscal officer.
Beginning Oct. 3, she will also serve as the interim director due to the retirement of Jo Derryberry. She said she carries the board’s faith of her to temporarily serve as director as a badge of honor.
“I am very happy that they were confident in my ability to keep things running while they find a replacement,” Webb said.
Before taking her current position, Webb worked for several years with Auglaize County Human Services, now known as the Department of Job and Family Services, as a fiscal officer and case worker.
“I enjoy this job,” Webb said. “There are new challenges every day. I like to be challenged at my job. We have been through a lot since I have been here.”
Webb said she has seen many changes in public libraries during her time. When she first took the job, the library computer system was still operating on Quickbooks. It has now been transferred over to a state system.
She said
required annual reports are now more detailed and payroll has went from monthly to bi-weekly. Also, libraries have been often on the top of the list for budget cuts during tough economic times and have been pinpointed for even further cuts.
“The budget cuts concern me,” Webb said. “I know it is tough and everyone has to do their share. However, I think they need to understand we help everyone. We help people of all races and financial situations.”
She noted school districts are slashing their library funding so many students are in need of library resources and local resident are in need of library services because of they can no longer afford a home computer or the Internet.
“We help a lot of people that can come in and use the computers when looking for jobs,” Webb said. “We provide a lot of great things for people to do. We have a lot of activities that a lot of people would not otherwise be able to participate in.”
Another change has been in technology. She said prior to computers her job was all done by hand.
“I can’t even imagine trying to do this job without a computer,” Webb said.
She said the local library has done a great job keeping up with technology.
“We try to keep our computers updated for public use, and we try to keep the technology updated for the workers, too,” Webb said. “Everyone has to know how to use them now.”