Injured kitten needs help

An injured kitten was brought to a local shelter in hopes to help it survive.

The Auglaize County Humane Society was recently brought a domestic medium-hair 10-week kitten by three young volunteers who found the animal near a home that had been burnt by a house fire on McBeth Rd.

The kitten, Ember, is a female, and needs a surgery to fix an infection in her eye from spreading.

Auglaize County Humane Society Office Manager Miranda Oden said Dr. Virgil Brown, of Mouton Veterinary Clinic, quoted the surgery to cost $300.

The kitten will need to undergo surgery within the next couple weeks to remove the infected eye and be sewn up, which if left go, could spread infection to the brain and other parts of the body and cause the animal to be in pain and suffer.

“She is currently taking antibiotics and we are putting ointment in her eye,” Oden said. “Since it’s so close to the brain, is could cause the infection to spread and make the kitten sick.”

She said the Humane Society “will have to put the animal down” if they do not have the funds to pay for the surgery.

Oden said the shelter does not do a lot of euthanasia, but with the agency being non-profit, they adopt cats for $40, which includes vaccines, deworming and spay or neutering, they are unable to provide the funds for the surgery because of the high cost.

Currently, the Auglaize County Humane Society is taking donations, and they can be accepted by calling the agency at 419-738-7808 or stopping by the shelter to donate.

Also, Ember is up for adoption for anyone interested in adopting a kitten, and Oden said she is a nice, playful and friendly kitten that enjoys being around people.

Oden said they will need to get the surgery done within the next couple of weeks, otherwise she may have to be put down, as the kitten will be suffering as the infection spreads.