Homecoming a Fryburg Labor Day tradition

Deb Zwez

about the Fryburg Homecoming.

“It’s a lot of work, but worth it once you see everyone there, together, it’s well worth it,” said Cindy Koenig, chairman of this year’s event. “Fryburg is such a small church, we’re all like family.”

They’re a family who delight in the tradition of the homecoming festival, which in 2018 features the famous mock turtle soup on the menu, along with chicken noodle soup, burgers, brats and shredded chicken along with ice cream and pie.

How many pies?

“Oh my gosh,” Koenig said, “every parishioner brings at least two, and we have all kinds, sugar cream, grape, even mincemeat this time of year.”

St. John Catholic Church is gearing up for its annual Fryburg Homecoming this Labor Day weekend. Two newer events are continuing this year on Saturday: the 4th annual...

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