Hoffman offers trip along the Oregon Trail

Chandra Hoffman answers questions following her presentation on her trip following the Oregon Trail during the Auglaize County Historical Society's meeting at Trinity Lutheran Church in Moulton on Sunday. Hoffman's trip took 12 days.
Staff Writer

Auglaize County residents were treated to a trip down the Oregon Trail this weekend — all from the comfort of the Trinity Lutheran Church basement in Moulton.

The presentation, a part of the Auglaize County Historical Society’s effort to promote Heritage Tourism, featured former Historical Society President Chandra Hoffman’s first hand account of her 12 day trip following the famous migration route.

The trail, which was traversed by thousands of emigrants throughout the 1800s, has now been partially covered by road and interstate, but many parts are still visible to tourists.
Hoffman, a self-proclaimed ‘Rut Nut’, wanted to see the history for herself.

Over the summer, along with her sister and brother-in-law, Hoffman embarked on a 12 day journey from Missouri to Oregon, following along the path worn by the wagon trains headed for the fertile Oregon farmland.

In front of a packed room, Hoffman showed off photographs from her trip, shared some of the history of the trail, and explained how she finally planned the trip she had been dying to go on.
Hoffman had been eager to try the trail herself since the 90s, she said. But this year, the timing was finally right.

“I mentioned it to my sister and brother-in-law because my husband still works and said, ‘I always wanted to follow the Oregon Trail,” Hoffman said. “And so my sister, who was retiring, just said, ‘let’s do it.’ And that started it.”

The journey took Hoffman along...

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