Herman's compassion remembered

Gary Herman retired as the Auglaize County Municipal Court judge at the end of 2017. Here he enjoys a laugh during his retirement party.
Bob Tomaszewski
Staff Writer

Former Auglaize County Municipal Court Judge Gary Wayne Herman passed away Dec. 15 having spent much of his retirement in a battle with cancer.

Compassionate is a word repeated by those who interacted with the judge — he was seen as a judge who wanted to understand the people he was sentencing.

Municipal Court Judge Andrew Augsberger replaced Herman on the bench this year; he has known Herman since he started out as an assistant prosecutor in 1997.

“To a degree he was a mentor, because he showed how a judge should act in court,” Augsburger said. “As an attorney he helped explain things I should be doing better in court, to make sure I was communicating my points. He wanted to make sure the defendants understood what was happening. If they deserved their punishment he gave it to them, but he wanted to at least make sure they thought they were treated fairly by the court system.”

Augsburger has reflected on that over his first year on the bench.

“I didn’t come in to change how the municipal court ran; I believe he ran it well,” Augsberger said.

Public Defender Attorney Gerald Siesel has also known Herman for a long time.

“I became associated with the public defender’s office in November of ’81 and Judge Herman took the bench in November of 1982 and so for the next 36 years I had the privilege of serving as public defender, initially deputy public defender,” Siesel said. “I considered it a privilege and an honor to be associated with (Herman) and the way he ran his court.”

Siesel said Herman was...

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