Helmets first step to new bikes

Staff Writer

Ten lucky Wapakoneta Elementary School students will have brand new bikes for the summer, but before they take off down the sidewalks, they had to make sure they had the proper safety gear.

On Thursday morning, the ten students–who won the bike giveaway by running or walking over 100 miles during the school year–made the short trek to City Hall where Marlene Froning, organizer of the annual Bicycle Safety Day, and Wapakoneta Police Officer Jordan Reineke outfitted each winner with a brand new helmet.

Froning provided the helmets–paid for by various businesses and organizations around Auglaize County–and helped each student properly adjust the straps and fit of their handpicked helmets.

It's an important step for the kids to take, according to Reineke, who wears his own helmet while sometimes patrolling as a bike officer, and helps ensure...

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