GFF explains Wapakoneta choice

Cassaundra Smith
Staff Writer

Paul Mastronardi, of the new greenhouse facility, Golden Fresh Farms, served as the key speaker at Wednesday's Wapakoneta Area Economic Development Council Annual meeting.

Golden Fresh Farms is a subsidiary of Red Sun Farms, based out of Kingsville, Ontario. The company has operations in Mexico and the United States as well. Construction is ongoing at the site of the Wapakoneta facility, located off Interstate 75 and U.S. Route 33.

“Just to give you perspective of how much high tech greenhouses that we have control over, obviously it's a big football state over here — we have 488 football fields worth of square meters into greenhouse acreage,” Mastronardi said.

Mastronardi shared some of what the company has in mind for the Wapakoneta area, which includes supporting agriculture education.

See the full story in the Thursday, Nov. 3 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.