Garage sales help raise needed funds

Susie Green sifts through clothing during the community garage sales on Friday.
Staff Writer

People were out and about snatching up deals during the community garage sales this weekend, but a few community members were focusing on raising money for some worthy causes.

Downtown, the Wapakoneta Eagles held their own garage sale, setting up shop in the ballroom to help recoup funds for the installation of the new elevator that went in last year.

To help raise the money, members of the club and community donated a variety of items to be sold, and all they asked in return was a donation to the club.

“Whatever’s in here, there’s no set amount, so everything’s a donation, with it all going back to the club to pay for the elevator,” Roberta Pass, who was running the sale on Friday, said. “We need quite a bit. It was in the thousands of dollars, but it’s going to help a lot. Anything we get as a donation is more than we had before, so anything is appreciated.”

The Band Boosters were also taking advantage, holding their own sale in the Wapakoneta Middle School cafeteria, in an effort to replace...

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