Folk singer enjoys sharing music to make people feel good

Doug Adams
Staff Writer

Doug Adams broke in the brand new Friend's of the Library Patio at the Wapakoneta Library on Monday evening with a little help from some Wapakoneta residents.

Adams, a folk singer, brought along his guitar and a repertoire filled with hits from the likes of Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Peter, Paul and Mary, and John Denver–but he wasn't the only one singing.

Adams brought with him sheets of lyrics, urging those in the audience to join in, and for an hour on the library's new, shady patio, they did just that.

Some already knew the lyrics and some didn't, but whether or not they were familiar with the songs wasn't quite so important to Adams.

"You touch somebody. That's what music does. It makes people feel good, they get in touch with themselves, they remember some days gone by that were fonder, and I think that's always great," the Cincinnati native said. "People get interested in [folk music] and want to get interested in it. When I [played] in Waynesfield, we had a small group of about 25 people, but they were right there on the edge of their seats and were singing along. Some knew them all by heart. One lady put her paper down and said, 'I just know these.'"

But spreading...

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