Florist’s ‘puppy’ missing

A local business just doesn’t seem the same lately, and store owners are asking anyone with any information to help.
Shelby, the loveable 17-year-old miniature schnauzer that has wandered Haehn Florist ever since she was a puppy, has come up missing.
“Shelby has been a permanent fixture since we were located at the Plaza (Grandview Plaza),” owner Mick Haehn said.
Shelby came up missing Nov. 10 shortly after she had got a bath. Shelby got out through an open door and her collar and tags had not been put back on yet when she got outside. The dog never returned.
Shelby always has had the run of the shop and routinely went outside but knew her boundaries.
“There has only been once or twice that she wandered away to chase a squirrel or rabbit, but she never went far,” Haehn said. “She wandered off one time in the spring and we found her later after she had walked out Glynwood Road to Buckland River Road. Other than that she always stayed close.”
Haehn would always bring the dog with him to the shop, and store patrons had gotten to know the dog well. Many people came to the shop just to visit the dog.
“The kids and the adults both loved her,” Haehn said. “Usually schnauzers are kind of yappy. Shelby wasn’t like that. People always asked where she was when they came in.”
Ginger Fox, Haehn’s sister who also helps run the family business, said the dog was perhaps more well-known than the store workers themselves.
“We had regular customers who came in who didn’t even remember our
names,” Fox said, “but they always remembered Shelby.”
Haehn said they have contacted Auglaize County Humane Society officials, Auglaize County Dog Warden Russ Bailey, and Wapakoneta Police Chief Russ Hunlock, but that Shelby has
not yet been found.
“I know a missing dog doesn’t sound that important,” Haehn said. “But Shelby has touched so many lives. We would just like to know. She could have wandered away to die or someone could have picked her up. If anyone knows anything, we would like to know so we don’t have to worry.”
Shelby is partially deaf due to her old age, but otherwise is friendly and will walk up to anyone giving her attention.
She is mostly black with shades of silver. Anyone with any information on Shelby’s whereabouts can call 419-738-8485 or 419-738-7001.