Fire safety refresher made fun for students

'Magic' Tom Rozoff, left, and Wapakoneta firefighter Jared Ryan, rear, quiz Wapakoneta Elementary students Ike Mosler, center, and Ethan Brandt, during a lesson on fire safety on Tuesday. Students learned about fire prevention and preparedness skills.
Staff Writer

Wapakoneta Elementary School students got a refresher on their fire safety and prevention skills on Tuesday, and they had a bit of a helping hand in doing so.

Wapakoneta firefighter Jared Ryan and 'Magic' Tom Rozoff from the 'Firefighter Phil' company spent the day in the school's cafeteria, giving students refreshers on important fire safety and prevention techniques and planning, like 'stop-drop-and-roll,' working and replacing batteries in smoke detectors, storage of flammable materials, evacuation plans, and more.

But Rozoff has a way of making it a bit more enjoyable for...

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