Fair board fires manager

Bob Tomaszewski
Staff Writer

The Auglaize County Agricultural Society, meeting in special session Wednesday night, voted 10-6 to not renew manager Jack Hayzlett’s contract.

Hayzlett, who has been an employee for just over two years, has an employment contract that expires in November.

In a surprise move, the fair board stayed in open session; they did hold an executive session during their regular October meeting on the 8th to discuss personnel; no action was taken at that time.

Mark Ruppert asked that a vote be taken to determine whether to keep Hayzlett on as manager; his motion was seconded by Wayne Lybarger. The vote was to be taken on paper to allow secret voting.

Prior to the vote, Hayzlett was given the opportunity to address the board.

Hayzlett came to the meeting prepared. He provided documents detailing his achievements as well as an explanation of the budget.

Reacting to the idea of going straight to a vote, Hayzlett said, “I thought we were going to hear the issues,” and so in open session, board members discussed...

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