Essays written from the heart

While pouring their hearts into words and putting the words onto paper, three seniors were named top winners of an essay contest.

Wapakoneta High School seniors Ross Kohler, Nicole Brown and Joe Schneider were named third, fourth and fifth place winners in the “Laws of Life” contest at the high school.

This essay is an writing project their teacher, Linda Temple, assigned, and the object was to write about something near and dear to them, and that is exactly what Kohler did.

“I wrote about my aunt who had cancer and died when I was eight years old,” Kohler said. “I wear this band on my wrist in honor of her.”

Kohler pointed his eyes to the object on his wrist that had the four words faith, hope, courage and strength.

Using his aunt as the basis to begin his story, he explained how everyone can have these words in their life.

“I try to instill the principles in my own life,” the son of Kara and Blaine Kohler said. “I’ve seen an example, and I can live like that and help other people, too.”

Kohler is referring to his aunt, who lived by these principles and serves as an example for him.

But when looking back, the essay did not flow at first as Kohler knew what he wanted to write about, but he just did not know how to go about it.

“I struggled on a topic,” Kohler said, “because I knew I wanted to write something about her.”

The 18-year-old soon had his direction when he sat down to write the essay, as he said he wrote it with his heart.

Kohler plans to attend Miami University, in Ohio, to study architecture.

Classmate Nicole Brown wrote about a topic that was close to her heart.

“I did mine on ‘success comes before work in the dictionary,’ ” Brown said. “Between sports, school, showing pigs, I found out that hard work always pays off.”

Brown said her inspiration for this essay comes from her father.

“My dad always talks about hard work,” the daughter of Karen and Ron Brown said.

With Brown’s busy schedule, between volleyball, basketball, holding an officer position in the school’s FFA chapter and showing her pigs at the Auglaize County Fair, she is able to balance all her activities with hard work and determination.

She can prove all her hard work has paid off through the success she has achieved in all these activities.

Brown plans to attend the The Ohio State University, Lima branch and then transfer to the main campus to study business after graduation.

By sitting down and writing this essay, Brown was able to learn much through this assignment.

Seventeen-year-old Joe Schneider agreed, as he wrote about success and hard work.

“I wrote about hard work and how it can lead to success, even if you don’t have the most talent,” Schneider said.

Schneider connected the essay with his grandfather, who was a hard worker and is someone Schneider looks up to.

“I learned to work harder so you can be better then everyone else,” the son of Melinda and Todd Schneider said.

Schneider noted even if someone is not good at one particular thing, he recommends to “make your own talent.”

It does not matter what one is good at, as there are many things to work hard toward, and this hard work leads to success.

Schneider said he learned a lot through this assignment, as it allowed him to write about his own opinions and feelings.

“I like writing about stuff I care about,” Schneider said. “I was proud to write this, and I was really glad I placed a top spot,” Schneider said. “I didn’t expect it thought.”

Schneider noted he thought he wrote a good paper.

“I wrote it with a lot of love,” Schneider said.

Schneider plans to study mechanical engineering and business in college.

Their three essays, along with first and second place winners, Salon Gegel and Makenna Salsbury, will be submitted to the state “Laws of Life” competition.