Downtown shops debut First Fridays

David Vorhees
Staff Writer

Shoppers might notice some of the downtown stores tonight staying open past 5 pm. In fact, members of the Wapak Antique and Specialty shops, WASS, are staying open until 8 p.m., kicking off a new program called “First Fridays.”
First Fridays was adopted by WASS to promote the downtown businesses. On the first Friday of every month the members of WASS will stay open extra hours and every month there will be a different theme.
“I had a gentleman come into the shop and ask if I have ever been to the First Friday in Lebanon,” Lisa Schott of Thrifty Treasures said. “I said no, so then I Googled it and Los Angeles, Florida, and Greenville are doing it.” First Fridays are being done around the country and in some places, it features art, music, gallery walks, and is considered ... To read more of this story grab a copy of Friday's edition of the WDN