Cuban art reflects dissidence

Carole Elchert
Staff Writer

Findlay-based documentarian Carole Elchert spent her Friday evening at the Riverside Art Center discussing Cuban artists, but the heart of the lesson was much more profound.

Elchert and her partner Phillip Sugden–who produced the 1991 PBS documentary “White Lotus”– spent 8 days on the Caribbean island interviewing prominent Cuban artists, activists, and dissidents for their documentary “Activismo: Art and Dissidence in Cuba.”

Elchert’s first visit to downtown Wapakoneta and the art center focused on her documentary and some of the main points in the soon to be released film.

“We talk a little bit about certain values and beliefs of the Cubans. I believe that they have cultural survival skills, to persevere and to preserve, and they have much to teach us about all kinds of things,” Elchert said. “We also talk about why we think it’s important that ordinary people become dissidents. It’s about being critical thinkers, but taking it out into the streets and engaging with people.”

Elchert highlighted some of...

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