County restricts jake brake use

Staff Writer

A public hearing was held at the Auglaize County Administration Building on Tuesday regarding the use of engine braking, more commonly known as the “jake brake,” at the intersection of Buckland Holden Road and Wapak Cridersville Road near Wapakoneta. The first hearing was held Dec. 22, and the second hearing Tuesday resulted in the Auglaize County Commissioners deciding to prohibit engine braking at that specific intersection in response to a petition signed by residents due to noise level concerns.

Engine braking is a braking function on some trucks which utilizes the engine itself to slow down the vehicle instead of the driver hitting the brakes, said Auglaize County Engineer Doug Reinhart.

Although the petition contained 28 signatures from residents living near the intersection, none of the signers or any person from the general public attended either hearing.

See Wednesday's print edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News for the full story.