County auditor's role is two-fold

Auglaize County Auditor Janet Schuler
Chelsea Luebrecht
Staff Writer

There is a lot of work done by the Auglaize County Auditor's Office, Auglaize County Auditor Janet Schuler noted.

“There's two main functions of the auditor's office,” she said. “One is to value all property in the county.”

Property in the county is re-appraised every six years, with an update on the property's value three years in between each re-appraisal.

“We look at values,” she said. “We look at what the county auditor says it's worth and what a property actually sells for. Then we try to make assumptions on valuation based on sales.”

The values are approved by the state, who see all of the sales and will judge whether the value is accurate.

“We have 30,000 parcels,” she said. “The population is 45,000. So we had maybe 50 complaints from the state on the property.”

When a property is be re-evaluated, the auditor looks at the previous three years.

“So when we re-evaluate in 2017, we're actually looking at 2016, 2015 and 2014,” she said. “We're always behind and taxes are always in the rear. So in 2018, you're paying taxes that were assessed for 2017.”

This can get a bit tricky, especially when...

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