Councilors discuss utility upgrades

Tom Wehrhahn
Managing Editor

The Wapakoneta City Council’s Finance Committee and Utilities Committee met jointly Thursday night to discuss a varied agenda related to utilities.
Safety-Service Director Chad Scott presented the committee with a draft ordinance outlining policy concerning overcharged and undercharged customers. Scott anticipates presenting it to the entire council at its next meeting on July 10.
Scott also discussed the need for a part-time information technology specialist.
“We’ve taken out ads, we’ve advertised on the city’s website, but just haven’t found the right candidate,” Scott said.
Scott suggested the city may be able to share a person with another agency, splitting a 40-hour workweek between the agency and the city. He will continue to explore options for the city.
The city has been informed that the Phase One environmental certificate at the Job Ready Site expired in July. The cost is $4,600 to renew. The wetlands certificate also expired. The cost to renew that is $19,500.
Scott stated that companies will skip over communities once they find their certificates have expired. However, funds for renewal are not available and were not discussed as the city was working on the 2017 budget.
Scott reported that pressure tests near Ranga Road, where a new development is planned, were low.
“It’s not enough to put out a campfire,” said At-Large Councilman Rodney Metz, who chairs the Utilities Committee.
Scott created a plan to run a new water line on the north side of Glynwood Road from Overholser Street to Ranga Road.
Since the project was not budgeted for the current year, it will have to be worked into the 2018 budget. In the meantime, a recommendation will made to council to...

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