Council passes money plans

Meeting briefly Thursday evening in special session, the Wapakoneta City Council took care of two money ordinances as end-of-year business.

The measures tagged as emergencies — a temporary appropriations ordinance to start fiscal year 2014, totaling more than $10 million through more than three dozen funds; and a supplemental appropriations ordinance totaling $177,000 to adjust seven different funds — were intended to be passed at the previous council meeting Dec. 16, but were stalled.

At the Dec. 16 meeting, Councilman Jim Neumeier voted no on each motion to suspend the rules, effectively halting the legislation. Each ordinance requires a suspension of the rules to allow it be read as emergency and to be adopted without the required three readings.

Neumeier explained at that meeting that he had only received the legislation upon arrival at the meeting and could not agree to suspend the rules until he had a an opportunity to review the ordinances.
Both ordinances sailed through the approval process Thursday with little discussion and with no objection to being tagged as emergencies.