Council overrides tourism committee

Deb Zwez

Wapakoneta City Council members on Monday overrode the decision made earlier in the evening by its Tourism Committee and authorized some $20,000 to finance way-finding signage and to officially copyright the phrase “First On The Moon” as a part of that signage.

Dan Lee, chairman of the Tourism Committee, said the applications filed for both those projects failed to meet the minimum score for funding. Committee members felt visitors to the community would likely use their smartphones or other devices for directions to not only get to Wapakoneta but to get around in the city as well. Councilman Jim Neumeier immediately disagreed.

“I don’t have a smart phone,” he said. “I like to know where things are.”

Neumeier said the way-finding signage was “something that finally promotes the city.” Lodging tax revenues have paid for a lot of advertising, he said, while this is actually something useful for the city.
Chad Doll, chairman of the Streets and Alleys Committee, which initiated the request, asked his fellow councilors to...

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