Council to meet as a whole to discuss refuse

Deb Zwez

Mayor Tom Stinebaugh wants city residents to know the numbers.

He’s done the math when it comes to costs associated with the on-going question about the future of Wapakoneta’s refuse and recycling collection: does it stay in house or should it be turned over to a private contractor?

Stinebaugh noted Aaron Wright, of Wright Refuse and Recycling, was in attendance at Monday's City Council meeting and noted Wright’s been patiently waiting for the city to decide to accept or refuse his bid to provide residential collection services — weekly for refuse and every other week for recyclables — at $14 per month for the first two years, and $14.50 per month for the next five. Stinebaugh said he’s been weighing the options and costs of both options.

Previous discussions have indicated a price increase would be necessary to keep the collection as part of the city’s services. Estimates of a $2 increase have been floated.

The mayor said if the city increases its monthly flat fee to residents at $2 per year in seven years those dollars could fund...

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