Council hears opinions on refuse and recycling options

Wapakoneta resident jane Myers shares her opinion on the future of the city's refuse and recycling department Wednesday during a city council committee of the whole meeting.
Deb Zwez

After two and a half hours of volleying the future of the Wapakoneta’s refuse and recycling service back and forth City Councilman Terry Campbell summed it up rather succinctly:

“This is a case of kicking the can down the road,” he said, noting for years city officials did nothing to plan for the refuse department’s future. “There are still a lot of questions, yet we wanted to have this open forum to hear what’s on your minds. We have a lot of homework to do, but here we are. We’re going to fix it; it won’t make everyone happy but we’re going to fix it.”

Wapakoneta City Council held a committee of the whole meeting Wednesday to talk about the bids received for outsourcing refuse and recycling collection versus keeping the service in-house, and the costs associated with both options. Rod Metz, chairman of the Utility Committee prefaced the forum with an overview of the bid received from Wright Refuse. He said their $14, and $14.50 monthly fee would include two collection bins, a 95-gallon for trash and a 65-gallon for recycling. Recycling would be collected every other week, Metz said, and that fee would undoubtedly have an estimated $2 to $3 add each month to cover the city’s administrative costs.

Because the comparison was meant to be...

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