Council deluged with flooding concerns

Managing Editor

Flooding again was the main topic of discussion at Monday’s meeting of Wapakoneta City Council. This time, in a different part of the city.
At the July 17 council meeting, three residents who live in the area of state Route 501, Woodlawn Drive and Springfield Ave. approached council regarding flooding of their yards and, in one case, a basement.
The discussion ended with Mayor Tom Stinebaugh saying he would look into the situation.
At Monday’s meeting, Brandon Terrill appeared before council to discuss flooding in sewer drains on Primrose Drive. He included photos in his presentation along with statistics on damage to home, property and vehicles.
Following a discussion of the issue, the general consensus was that either the retention pond or the drain from it, or both, are inadequate for the volume of water from a heavy rain.
The city plans to inspect the drainage system and address the larger problem of drainage after major rains. One option discussed would be to require developers to make plans based on a 25-year storm, meaning offering larger ponds and drainage systems. Current regulations call for construction based on a 10-year storm. Such a change would require council action.
The stiffer regulations would allow for future development and expansion, which is considered a contributing factor to the current problem.
Susan Walters of TSC appeared before council and requested the closure of Willipie Street from Auglaize Street to the alley from 12:30 to 4 p.m. on Aug. 21 for TSC’s solar eclipse customer event.
One resolution was introduced. The measure authorizes the mayor to execute an agreement concerning an encroachment upon public property at 5 W. Harrison St. The measure was passed under suspended rules.
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