Cooking up a cover: Local gets face on cover of book

For frequent readers of romance novels, the man on the cover of a recently released book of him dressed in a chef’s outfit with a pregnant girl may ring a bell.
Christopher Short, 21, of Wapakoneta, appears on the cover of the book “The Baby Truce,” a romance novel by Jeannie Watt that is available in the Super Romance series published by Harlequin.
Short is the son of Becki and Mike Short of Wapakoneta.
Short got the gig after sending photographs of himself to Image Man, an affiliate of Image Marketing in New York City. He landed the position after sending some pictures to the agency while looking for summer work during his break from college this past summer.
“Your pictures are available on a portfolio on the website for the agency,” Short said. “People with the book contacted the agency and I flew up and did the picture.”
The trip was rather lucrative for a summer job for the Ohio Northern University third-year student. For the book shooting alone, he received $2,000. He was to be paid $1,000 an hour for the shoot and was guaranteed a minimum of two hours pay.
It took only 45 minutes for the shoot. Depending on the hours and the type of shoot, Short generally makes anywhere between $250 to $1,000 per hour and typically given the minimum two hours pay.
The summer job did not stop there, in between photos, the models are also given other jobs on the side such as serving wine at catered events.
After updating his portfolio this past fall, Short was given another solid opportunity with a big company. He was selected by Nike to model short, swimwear, shirts, and a new line of shoes, called Nike Shox.
He simply wore the items for companies to view when deciding if they wanted to carry that line in their stores. In addition to being paid well, Short gets to keep the items from Nike that he modeled. He wore the items in late November and early December.
“I just have to wait to wear them,” Short said. “I can’t wear them until they come out on the market.”
Despite Short’s photogenic abilities, it is not the future he has carved out for himself wants he graduates.
Short, who is scheduled to graduate in 2013, is working toward a degree in exercise physiology.
“Its sort of a pre-physical therapy,” Short said of the degree.
Short would like to open several physical fitness centers and has thought about possibly opening up chains under the Urban Active Fitness Centers Corporation.
As far as the book is concerned, Short admitted he has only flipped through the pages.
“I haven’t read it,” Short said. “I think I am going to leave that to my girlfriend and my mom.”