Commissioners are clear about their role

Bob Tomaszewski
Staff Writer

Despite the fact they have no say in the matter, the Auglaize County Board of Commissioners have been inundated with calls regarding the fair manager’s firing.

Commissioner Doug Spencer told Auglaize County Agricultural Society board president Ed Doenges callers have been expressing their dissatisfaction with the fair board’s decision to non-renew Jack Hayzlett’s contract. The fair board took action Oct. 17 during a special meeting held to air their grievances with Hayzlett’s performance as fair manager. Since that story was published numerous residents have reached out to Hayzlett, supporting his work with the 2017 and 2018 fairs. Hayzlett was hired to shadow former fair manager Fred Piehl in 2017 as the assistant fair manager; in 2018 he was the sole holder of that position.

Spencer said his office has been explaining their role to callers.

“We’ve been explaining what our role is and to contact the fair,” Spencer said, adding the fair board has a say in who gets hired and fired, not the board of commissioners. Doenges is currently acting as the fair manager; he was meeting with commissioners as part of the fair board’s quarterly update.

Doenges acknowledged the non-renewal of Hayzlett’s contract means...

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