Column: Proof that off-season workouts can be fun


It’s that awkward time. 

That time in between fall sports and winter sports. There aren’t a lot of sporting events. There isn’t a lot to report on.

But that doesn’t mean Wapakoneta High School athletes aren’t putting in the time and the effort to succeed.

I was pleasantly surprised and happy with the effort high school athletes are putting into their future. I had the opportunity to hang out with many of the varsity baseball players at Veteran’s Memorial park on Wednesday, getting to know some of them and, of course, getting a workout in.

Yes, there is lifting, mind-numbing cardio workouts and skill drills. There is effort, passion and drive.

And there’s also a little bit of fun. Wednesday, with guidance from former Wapakoneta star Brian Garman, the varsity baseball team let of a little steam and played a pick-up game up Ultimate Frisbee. Or, at least a variation of the sport.

I was talking to Garman about his time in the Milwaukee Brewers farm system for a bit, watching them run around, throwing this plastic disk what seemed like miles down the field. Using teamwork, building camaraderie and running. A lot of running.

When I was done talking with Garman, he went over to join the game, but that made it an odd number of players.

Enter the sports editor. 

I jogged over to my car, threw on my tennis shoes, and joined the game. We ran up and down the soccer field so many times I couldn’t even count. 

I was put on the team that was winning at the time, and Garman on the team that was losing. 

I don’t want to say that was a mistake. But it was. Sorry Brian. Our team continued on winning the game, and while I had to take off before it was over. I’m fairly certain, even a man down, our team went on to win. 

For a group of guys that meet to workout and hang out everyday it means that Thursday the losing team had to do punishment runs. Glad I could help.

For those wondering, basically, it was soccer with a disc. You couldn’t be offsides, and the goal was to throw the disc into the soccer net. For those also wondering, no I didn’t score. (I did toss one up from about 40 yards out that curved from one side of the net to the other and just missed, hitting the pole at the last second)

I contributed defensively, taking a disc off the chest and reflecting it back out of the 18-yard box. (Ouch) And grabbing a pass from Garman right out of the air. 

So to those not on my team, sorry you had to do punishment runs Thursday morning, and maybe next time you’ll pick the right guy for your team. 

For the varsity baseball team, a team that was one game away from a state championship, it’s amazing the effort they are putting in - in November.

They have the drive and the determination to make themselves better, even if that does mean playing a little Frisbee with the sports editor.

Anytime you want more, you know where to find me. And next time, I won’t be in jeans.