Class studies storm spotting

Staff Writer

With severe weather season just around the corner, Auglaize County Emergency Management Agency Director Troy Anderson spent Tuesday evening in Waynesfield, prepping Auglaize County residents on spotting storms.

Anderson, who is near constantly monitoring the weather and river conditions in Auglaize County, can only do so much.

Spotters are vital to monitoring storms rolling through Auglaize County for a number of reasons, adding a human element to the data heavy science of meteorology.

According to Anderson, spotter reports can provide information that any amount of technology cannot.

The nearest radar, located at the National Weather Service Forecasting Station in Wilmington, leaves Auglaize County slightly exposed, as the curvature of the Earth obscures some of the radar data.

By the time the radar waves reach the area, they are measuring activity around a mile up in the air.

Some weather events can...

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