City electric rates to increase

Managing Editor

Your electric bill is going to go up.

Just how much remains to be seen as the city council’s finance and utilities committees, and later the full council, discuss how to get revenue to match expenses while providing efficient electric service in the city.

At a joint meeting of those two committees Wednesday evening, John Courtney, with the public utilities consulting firm Courtney and Associates, provided an update of where the city is regarding the amount of service it provides and the amount of money it collects. Also in the mix is the need for a new substation to provide adequate service at Golden Farms and the new Pratt Industries plant. The new substation would also allow some redundancy to ensure the reliability of the city’s current service and provide for future expansion as the city grows.

Courtney’s analysis of the city’s electric rates and cost of services included a Revenue Requirements Analysis, a Cost of Service Analysis and a Rate Review. Following that discussion, councilors provided suggestions for how to match revenue with expenses.

Courtney’s conclusions and recommendations page states...

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