City earns AMP honor

The city of Wapakoneta received a System Improvement Award this year from American Municipal Power (AMP) for its work on substations in 2011 and 2012.

The city replaced the Harrison Street and Defiance Street substations “to improve the reliability and service to customers.” The Wapakoneta Electric Department was recognized with an AMP Safety Commendation for having less than 1 percent time loss due to reportable accidents in the distribution system.

“This is a very competitive award and it shows we are doing the right things, not only for our system but for our utility consumers,” Mayor Rodney Metz said. “This is based not on money being spent, but on making a true improvement that is necessary to the system and controlling expenses.

“This is important because if you are watching what you are doing, improving the system and making the system more efficient then it all goes back to controlling our rates which is better for our consumers,” the mayor said. “It is quite an honor and I am very pleased with the city receiving the award.”

AMP is the non-profit wholesale power supplier and services provider for 129 member municipal electric systems in the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, Kentucky, West Virginia and Delaware. Combined these public utilities serve more than 625,000 customers.

AMP members receive their power supply from a diversified resource mix that includes wholesale power purchases through AMP and the open market and energy produced at AMP and member-owned generating facilities utilizing fossil fuel, hydroelectric, wind and other renewable resources.