City Bakery to open Monday

Those delicious toroidal rings and flattened spheres injected with cream or custard once again will grace our fine city.
Rod Sidel announced on Friday that the City Bakery will officially open at 5 a.m. Monday.
The bakery, located at 20 W. Auglaize St. in downtown Wapakoneta, closed July 1 when natural gas to the building was turned off due to an inability to pay the bill. The store is owned by Rod Sidel, who had taken over the family business approximately seven years ago. The bakery has been in the same location since 1885 and had been in the family since the 1970s.
Sidel said that the business had problems making ends meet when climbing natural gas prices coupled with a downtrodden economy reduced business drastically.
He was able to gather approximately $2,800 in anonymous donations, which was enough to get him to the point where he could reopen.
Sidel said he plans to diversify the business in an effort to attract new business in an effort to make the bakery more profitable.
“I have a lady who will be joining our staff and she will do cakes and cupcakes so we can offer something different,” Sidel said. “I am very excited to get started again.
Other menu items may soon spring up on the menu to go along with the 14 different styles of donuts made daily. Baked pies and Amish breads are among the items Sidel may soon include at the bakery.
“I just want to say thank you to the people that helped,” Sidel said.