Church makes special deliveries

Photo provided: Volunteers from Salem United Methodist Church pack boxes of cookies and other treats that were delivered Christmas Day to employees who had to work on the holiday.
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When we do not have to work on Christmas Eve, we take for granted that we can be with family and do what we want. On Christmas Eve, members of Salem United Methodist Church delivered homemade cookies to those having to work on that night, such as the first responders and police officers. This is the second year in which the church has participated in this display of appreciation.

“You have agencies like the police, the sheriff, the fire, paramedics, that always have someone who has to work on Christmas Eve,” Pastor John Foster said. “They're away from their families. They don't have the opportunity to go to a Christmas Eve Service. They just are kind of our unsung heroes.”

Places receiving cookies included the police department, the fire department and EMS, the sheriff's office, the three nursing homes in town and gas stations. Volunteers from the church delivered them.

See Tuesday's paper for the full story.