Children get to Shop with a Cop

Auglaize County Sheriff Al Solomon helps a family Saturday during the annual Shop with a Cop event at Walmart.
Staff Writer

If you happened to be in Walmart early Saturday morning, you might have had reason for concern. Police officer after officer, all in uniform, streamed into the store in Wapakoneta. But whatever your exceptions might have been, the cops were there to subvert them.

Each officer, one from every department in the county, converged on the store, grabbed a cart, and fanned out into the aisles.

Shop with a Cop, which is now a twenty-some year tradition in Auglaize County. brought over 30 officers and 95 deserving children and their families into Walmart to make their holiday wishes come true.

It’s a long and arduous process, but it’s worth it for Heather Mahaffey, who co-chairs the Auglaize County Fraternal Order of Police Shop with a Cop committee.

“It takes a lot,” Mahaffey said. “We have to work with the Knights of Columbus, we have to work with Walmart, the Community Foundation, with Santa, and thousands of letters. We spend a whole evening...

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