CDBG funds paving

Three city streets should receive a new layer of asphalt through a state grant if an ordinance receives Wapakoneta City Council approval.
The ordinance authorizes Safety-Service Director Bill Rains to set specifications, advertise for bids and execute a paving program for Wheeler Lane and Franklin and Highland avenues through state Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds. The work would be completed this summer.
Streets, Alleys and Sidewalks Committee members recommended Highland Avenue from Silver Street to Franklin Avenue, Franklin Avenue from Highland Avenue to Wheeler Lane and Wheeler Lane from Franklin Avenue to Silver Street to receive an asphalt overlay.
Committee members have discussed the improvements for several months.
Councilors also are to hear the first reading of an ordinance to update rules regarding sediment and erosion control for Wapakoneta and its role in the Auglaize River watershed.
The purpose of the regulations outlined in the ordinance is to “establish technically feasible and economically reasonable standards to achieve a level of erosion and sediment control that will minimize damage to property and degradation of water resources and wetlands, and will promote and maintain the health and safety of the citizens of Wapakoneta.”
Any developer or resident guilty of violating the erosion control protection plan could be charged with a third-degree misdemeanor and fined $500.
Councilors also are scheduled to hear the second reading of an ordinance establishing job titles and pay ranges for non-collective bargaining employees of the city. This is an annual update of the policy. Councilors intend to review clothing allowances for the police chief,
fire chief and dispatchers. They also intend to review group insurance rates and premiums charged and traveling allowances.
Councilors also are scheduled to hear the second reading of an ordinance to modify codified ordinances in regard to the installation of fire sprinkler systems in new home construction. The city will exempt new homes from the requirement until the General Assembly adopts the new building code requirement.