Caring third-grader builds ‘buddy bench’

A third-grader at Wapakoneta Elementary School took it upon herself to help students at her school make new friends.

A couple weeks ago, 9-year-old Becca Poynter was reading the Weekly Reader, an educational classroom magazine designed for children. She read about a “buddy bench” — a place where children can sit during recess that lets other kids know that they are looking for someone to play with.

Poynter thought this was a great idea and that there should be a buddy bench at her school.

“I wanted somewhere where kids can sit and be noticed so they can get played with,” she said. “And if they want to make new friends they can also sit on it.”

She thought the idea would help students like her weekly reading partner, a classmate who told Poynter that she never had anyone to play with at recess.

Now, she and Poynter are best friends, swinging and playing tag with each other every day.

For the full story, see the Monday, March 31 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.