Camp headlining music tour

Deb Zwez

Being on tour may be comparable to living in a frat house, but nonetheless Jeremy Camp is looking forward to the upcoming Summer Lights Tour that will hit Botkins on July 21.

Camp is headlining the event, a Compassion International produced concert tour that kicks off in Detroit on July 12 and ends in Corbin, KY on July 22. Camp is a Grammy-nominated artist, noted by Billboard as the top solo artist with the most No. 1 songs on the Christian airplay charts. He talked about his 16-year career in a recent telephone interview.

Camp was born in Indiana; his family later moved to California. He was attending a Bible college, earning an associates degree in theology, but was also performing throughout Southern California in those years. He said he got an email from a record company in Seattle.

“They had heard about me from some friends in Southern California and asked for a demo,” he said. “So I send one to them.”

Next thing he knew, Camp said he got a call asking him to fly to Seattle and sign a a record deal.

“I said ‘hold on,’” Camp said, thinking things were moving pretty quickly.

But he...

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