C’ville to put renewal levies on fall ballot

CRIDERSVILLE — An area village will be putting a pair of renewal levies on the November ballot.
Cridersville Village Council members passed a resolution Monday to place two $2 million levies on the fall ballot, both for renewal.
“We passed the levies tonight (Monday), and I will present them to the Board of Elections tomorrow (Tuesday),” Village Solicitor Jim Hearn said.
One of the levies to be put on the ballot is the Cridersville village $2 million levy.
“We’ve had this levy for a number of years,” Cridersville Mayor Lorali Myers said. “It’s the only levy we have for Cridersville.”
The other levy to appear on the ballot in the fall is the fire and rescue levy, which will provide the Cridersville Fire Department with services and new equipment.
“The fire department does a lot of fundraising and they apply for many grants,” Myers said. “This (levy) will help with their cost of new equipment.”
This levy also raises $2 million.
Myers and Hearn said that this should mean no change in taxes for the residents because resident’s taxes should stay at the same rate they currently pay.
“Taxes will remain the same,” Myers said. “The only reason it (taxes) would increase, is if they (the resident) did major improvements to their home.”
Major improvements mean that the home will increase in value, and this would slightly effect those residents’ taxes, but otherwise, rates will stay the same.
The village had a three-step process to get these two levies on this fall’s ballot.
“A couple years ago, the secretary of state declared a new set process for putting a levy on the ballot,” Myers said.
The first step was to ask for certification of the levy, which was done during a special council meeting on Thursday.
Hearn then got the levies certified from County Auditor Janet Schuler Friday, and then the resolution to put the levies on the ballot was passed at Monday’s council meeting.
Hearn will now present the two levies to the Board of Elections, to be on the fall ballot.