Buchanan Street project still alive

Tom Wehrhahn
Staff Writer

The Buchanan Street project is still alive — for now.

The Wapakoneta City Council’s Streets and Alleys Committee met Thursday afternoon to discuss the issue and decided to consider the project “suspended” until further notice.

Engineering Superintendent Mary Ruck told the committee the city has until September to make a decision on whether to go ahead with the project, which at the present time requires a $1.1 million loan from the state to complete.

It was originally stated at a March meeting of the committee that the project was to be completely funded by the state. The minutes of the April 6 City Council meeting also reflect that funding source.

Ruck said the original information was incorrect.

That fact was recently uncovered when mayor Tom Stinebaugh and Auditor Wilbur Wells discovered that the state funding amounted to only $330,000 and that a $1.1 million loan had been tagged onto the project.

See Friday's print edition for the full story.