Board hears handbook changes

Staff Writer

The Wapakoneta City Schools Board of Education heard from school principals about 2016-2017 handbook changes during a regular board meeting Tuesday night.

Changes at the middle school were presented by assistant principal Nikki Sutton and included dropping the amount of excused days per quarter to four from five, combining physical abuse and assault together and separating incidents into major and minor.

Changes at the elementary school were presented by principal Mark Selvaggio and included adding more of a definition for attendance, taking out the prohibition of gum chewing and changing the language of the safety drill, since it is held more than one time of year.

High school changes were presented by assistant principal Doug Selvey and included removing some holidays from the calendar that were irrelevant, including certain dress code information and reducing the consequence for alcohol consumption from 10 days to five, if the students are evaluated and counseled at the expense of the student and parent.

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