Board discusses benefits of levy renewal

WAYNESFIELD — Waynesfield-Goshen Board of Education members discussed renewing the district’s 4.9-mill permanent improvement levy currently in place during its school board meeting Monday.

Board members are currently discussing a 10-year permanent improvement plan, but they would need the levy still in place to execute the plan. The levy, passed in 2008, will expire in 2013.

“We will start discussing putting a renewal levy on the ballot,” Superintendent Chris Pfister said. “We will probably begin discussing it in November or December.”

The effective millage has dwindled from the passed rate to 3.3 mills, and generates approximately $190,000 in the district. Money from the levy can only be used for permanent improvements for the buildings and grounds.

Pfister said board members will likely look at putting the levy on the ballot in May 2013.

Board members received its official school report card, which contained no changes from the preliminary report discussed during the September school board meeting.

The high school students (grades 6 through 12) met 18 of its 19 state indicators, scoring at 94.7 percent, good enough for an excellent rating. While board members and administration did not have records readily available for verification, it was agreed by both that it was the first time the district had scored an excellent rating.

The district also scored a 99.6 percent on its performance index rating, just three-tenths of a point shy of an excellent rating in that category also. The only category students were not proficient was seventh-grade reading, where the district finished just two students shy of meeting the 75 percent state standard. The district scored a 70.5 percent in that category.

The fifth grade totals were the only scores not to register efficient, as reading (56.1 percent), mathematics (51.2) and science (53.7) all finished well below the state standards. Those scores pulled the district’s overall rating down to 84.6 percent on the state indicators and an overall 97.0 rating on the performance index. Scores of 94 percent and 100 or better are needing to achieve an overall excellent rating.

Board members closed the meeting with an executive session, discussing special education administration and its blended learning program. No action was taken.