Board, council meet

Staff Writer

The Botkins Board of Education met with the Botkins Village council in what ended up being a very lively, but cordial joint meeting, mostly centered on operations of the Botkins Community Park.

The park is currently funded by both the village and the school district in a joint agreement that sees both groups contributing financially to the operation of the park that sits just west of of I-75.

One particular item, which has been discussed at past school board meetings, is an annual report of where the school district’s contributions are being spent.

Presently, the school board contributes a fixed amount of roughly $18,000 to the fund, but does not see an itemized list at the end of the year recapping the particular expenses that the district money contributed to.

Board members expressed a desire to see where their expenses were directed in the event that they would need to reassess the agreement with the village.

Lights for the soccer field were also discussed at length, as the Botkins Soccer Club has begun fundraising for installation of a lighting system around the soccer and track field.

The club has already approached the council, but the board of education has control over the field, which would require them to be involved with the project.

Currently, the club’s fundraising goal is $85,000, which would only cover the installation of the lights, but does not include the cost of hooking the lights up to the electrical grid, nor the cost of running the lights. The board discussed formulating a more extensive plan that would be comprehensive in all possible additions and needs regarding the lights, but did not formally reach any conclusion.

Discussion of the demolition of a district storage facility on State St., adjacent to the village pool was also discussed, as well as the potential options that the village and district have in undertaking the project.

Dave Hemmert, of Botkins, offered the board his services in deconstructing the building and salvaging several valuable and historical wooden trusses that make up the structure of the building.

According to Hemmert, the trusses were relocated to the current building on State Street from an old church north of Botkins in the mid 1800s.

The board will be moving its storage facilities to a pole barn on the current school property, and is seeking to...

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