Board bids good bye

WAYNESFIELD — Waynesfield Board of Education members officially recognized Colin Maxwell as he made his last appearance as a school board member at Monday’s meeting.
Maxwell, who served 14 years (1997-2011) on the board, decided not to run again this year. His position will be filled by Mark Chiles, who previously served on the board.
“I’ve been on the board a long time and I feel we have accomplished a lot,” Maxwell said after the meeting.
Maxwell said some of the school’s greatest accomplishments were building the new school five years ago and the district’s most recent report card, which was the highest mark the school has ever received.
“We told folks that in the long run it would cost less for us to run the new school,” Maxwell said. “We went to great lengths to show that and there was a lot of work involved. With our report card I think it shows we are headed in the right direction.”
Maxwell said he felt it was time to step back and give someone else a chance to serve after his long tenure on the board. He noted the financial challenges are the biggest problem the board faces in the future.
“The financial end of things will be the toughest challenge,” Maxwell said. “That political aspect of it was the toughest and we just learned to go with what we got.”
In other business, board members heard a presentation heard a presentation from the Wapakoneta Family YMCA to bring the Fun Bus to the community for 12 weeks during the summer.
Wapakoneta Family YMCA CEO Joshua Little, who gave the presentation, said the bus would come with games and other activities and that there would be no charge to the residents.
The program would take place twice a week for approximately two hours. They are hoping to serve about 40 kids per week.
A minimum of three staff will be at the location and they will bring more staff if needed to maintain a 1-to-13 ratio or better ratio of staff to children. It is geared towards children in grades kindergarten through eighth grade.
Little said that the local YMCA is currently seeking private and grant funding for the district to pay for the program.