Big shot Saturday: Greve hits big shot for the win


The score was tied at 46. 

Wapakoneta had been consistently trailing the entire game. 

When the visiting St. Henry Redskins turned the ball over with about 40 seconds left, Wapakoneta varsity boys basketball coach Matt Bradley knew what he wanted to do.

“We wanted to play for the last shot. I thought we did a tremendous job being patient, and running the play we wanted to run,” Bradley said. “(Alex Greve) came open off of a great screen.”

And just like that, senior guard Alex Greve found himself all by himself. 

He took the shot for the win. 

Nailed it.

“It’s just like shooting in an open gym,” Greve said after the game. “I was wide open, and I took the shot.”

The shot fell with about five seconds left in the game, and a couple fouls and four free throws later,  Wapakoneta found themselves the victor.

Wapakoneta defeated St. Henry, 52-46.

“That was a great win for our team. That was a really good team we just beat there,” Greve said.

Greve finished the game with 10 points.

And the St. Henry Redskins did not lose due to lack of effort. The visiting Redskins led at every break, except for the end of regulation.

Wapakoneta was trailing, 32-27, heading into the fourth quarter, and the Redskins caught fire.

Led by senior forward Jake Buzzard, the Wapakoneta Redskins dominated down the stretch, and would not be denied the win.

“You saw Jake Buzzard grow up tonight,” Bradley said. “He played like a man.”

Buzzard finished the day with 20 points.

“He’s one of the big three that we talk about,” said Eric Rosenbeck, St. Henry varsity coach. “We were out of position and not doing what we’re taught. Wapak is a good team. We’ll have to get back to the grind.”

Travis Bertram also added 15 points to the Redskin total.

Wapakoneta was able to drive at St. Henry’s leading scorer, Kyle Stahl, and foul him out with six minutes left in the game.

“We played right at him,” Bradley said. “It was our aggressiveness that got them in foul trouble.”

Stahl, despite fouling out, finished the game with 15 points.

“He came to play, unfortunately he got some fouls, there were a few silly ones in there that early in the game that we just can’t afford for him to get. Really smart play to put Bertram in the middle and foul him out,”  Rosenbeck said.

Wapakoneta, now 4-2, hosts Bluffton tomorrow night.