Back home again in Wapakoneta

Administrator Amy Kentner stands next to the Christmas Tree in Wapakoneta Manor. Kentner began her second stint at the nursing home on Monday after several years working at homes in Lima and Troy.
Staff Writer

There's a familiar face in the Wapakoneta Manor administrator's office this week, as Amy Kentner takes over the post at the nursing home. Kentner, the former director of nursing at Wapak Manor, returns after spending several years away at facilities in Lima and Troy.

While she was out taking advantage of new and exciting opportunities, there was always one thing trying to pull her back, and finally, the pull back home won out.

"I just want to be closer to my family," she said. "Those were all great experiences, but there's nothing quite like coming home, to your home community, people that you know, and taking care of the individuals that you've grown with."

However, the Kentner that left to pursue other opportunities is not the same Kentner that began her second tenure on Monday. She came home with a wealth of knowledge and experience to help her run Wapakoneta Manor to the best of her abilities.

One particular role gave her new insight into the health care industry.

"I've also been a case manager at hospitals, too, which is nice to see the process of making the transition from the hospital to the nursing home," Kentner said. "That experience really helped me grow as a...

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