Auglaize Street residents are fighting water

Deb Zwez

Wapakoneta City Council’s Utilities Committee was asked to look into flooding issues along the north side of West Auglaize Street, but Mayor Tom Stinebaugh may have an easier solution.

“I think we can just shoot some elevations and cut a swale in,” the mayor suggested, following a presentation from West Auglaize Street resident Tasha Sheipline. “Why go to a bunch of meetings?”

Sheipline, representing citizens in the affected neighborhood, told council that residents in the 800- to 900-block of West Auglaize Street have experienced longer bouts of standing water since 2014, the time the new sewer upgrade was installed in the rear of their properties. While flooding along those addresses is typical, Sheipline said, and residents didn’t necessarily object to the work done to install the south interceptor sewer, the area hasn’t been “back to normal” since the conclusion of the project.

Residents have noticed...

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