Annual cachet celebrates the 49th anniversary

Staff Writer

Allison Venturella, right, shows off her design for the 2018 commemorative cachet at the Armstrong Air and Space Museum with Jack Richard, left, a clerk at the Wapakoneta Post Office Friday.

Richard was at the museum stamping the envelopes, which are created and stamped every year as a collectible item.

Venturella designed this year's cachet with several firsts in mind, in addition to the 49th anniversary of Neil Armstrong's first steps on the moon.

Featured prominently on the envelope are the Eagle Lunar Excursion Module, the newly issued Sally Ride stamp, a modified STS-8 flight patch, and the phrase "Giant Leaps 1969-1983."
1983 was also a year of firsts in the NASA space program, as Ride became the first American woman to go to space on STS-7, followed by Guion Bluford on STS-8, who became the first African-American in space later that year.

Richard was at the museum to apply the cancellation stamp to each envelope, which is unique to the date and location.

According to Richard, collectors call in from all over the world to get their own commemorative cachet.