Airport prepares for makeover

Staff Writer

The Neil Armstrong Airport is set for a new look come 2019, as renovation plans for the aging terminal building finally come to fruition.

The plans have been in the making for over five years, and airport manager Ted Bergstrom is ready for the replacement.

"It's dated. It was built in 1970," Bergstrom said. "The airport has certainly got its money's worth."

But now Bergstrom and the Auglaize County Airport Authority want to move into the modern age. "We're looking to add to what the airport has to offer for facilities for the next 50 years," he said. "It'll be a good enhancement."

An official plan is yet to be finalized, and aspects of the design are still in flux, but Bergstrom and his colleagues have several priorities.

Amidst several possible avenues and blueprints–designed by Minster architectural firm Garmann Miller–are a variety of new amenities.

An expanded reception and waiting area, a pilot lounge, office space and a conference room have all been worked into multiple designs. One such design includes a basement, and would raise the total cost to an estimated $1,580,000.

The funding for the project will ultimately come from two sources: the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and local donations. The FAA will reimburse the costs for certain areas of the project, while local donations will cover...

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