Adult Ed strives to keep up with need

Deb Zwez

Staying ahead of the employment curve is no easy task but Apollo Career Center’s adult education program strives to do just that.

Tasha Sheipline, director of that program said she and her staff want to ensure they consistently know their audience.

“The adult learner is an animal all its own,” Sheipline told members of the Wapakoneta Rotary Club Monday. “College is tough; there’s pressure to perform. Try that as adult,” she said, while at the same time trying to juggle a job, a mortgage and with a baby on your hip. “We understand that in adult education.”

Today’s workforce is in high demand, Sheipline said, especially in manufacturing and health care. While the need for additional workers is high, that need often translates to retraining an existing work force to take on new tasks.

“Workers are needed so we are doing some cross training, and some customized training,” Sheipline...

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