Acres to conduct facility analysis

The findings of a facility assessment of the Auglaize Acres are expected soon to offer ideas for operational improvements.
The Plante & Moran firm was hired to conduct the assessment in January at a cost of between $12,000 and $15,000, plus reimbursable expenses.
Auglaize Acres Administrator Connie Pierce said they have been talking about doing such a study for quite a while, with some ideas spurred on by the use of the facilities by other county offices during courthouse renovations.
“We have been talking about how to use the space the (Auglaize County) commissioners occupied and have some ideas, but would like to see what they tell us first,” Pierce said. “We also would like to determine what may be feasible.”
The assessment is expected to offer detailed ideas for improving the facility both from a revenue optimization view,
as well as considering expense reduction opportunities, so the home can remain a viable and strong provider of services for years to come with an eye toward delivering care at a sub acute (Medicare) level.
The assessment of the county nursing home also is to look at needed physical upgrades to enhance living areas for residents and provide the best skilled nursing environment possible as it relates to current market demands.
A site visit was made in January with results expected by the end of the month.
Having worked with Plante & Moran in the past, Pierce said she felt comfortable with them conducting the study.
“We want to see what we need to do not only operationally but from a physical standpoint to keep us viable in the marketplace,” said Pierce, who shared that to date no all-encompassing survey of this magnitude had been done at the county nursing home. “It’s a total operational, financial and physical assessment. Once it is complete they will make recommendations. What we do with this is up to us.”
Pierce said her hope is to develop a five-year and longer plan for the Acres to position itself to do better in the market.
She also would like to develop a capital improvement fund and target projects that need to be first on the to-do list. Some of the proceeds from the sale of bed rights, which could bring in $720,000, could be set aside in such a fund.