ACHD adds salary reserve

The Auglaize County Health Board approved another deposit to its salary reserve fund.
Auglaize County Health Commissioner Charlotte Parsons said the $5,000 will be added to the fund, which they try to keep between $15,000 and $20,000 to pay out of for retirees who have accumulated vacation or sick leave.
During Tuesday’s meeting, Parsons said in the past they have had to pay out as much as $16,000 upon the retirement of a long time employee who had maxed out sick and vacation leave.
“Seven or eight years ago we saw the need,” Parsons said of when the fund was developed. “We specifically set it up in preparation for retirements we saw forthcoming and it is working out well.”
In other financial matters, Health Board members approved the amendment of estimated resources for the Help Me Grow home visiting fund, increasing it by $12,500.
Parsons said the county received more than anticipated from the state to cover costs for operating the program,
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which local health departments took over a year ago.
“It’s a supplement to the money we were given to get the program up and running,” Parsons said.
The additional money is to be put toward paying service costs, such as supervisory time and fiscal billing, which can’t be charged as part of a fee.
“It will help offset those costs associated with the program,” Parsons said.
The state pays the Health Department $11.50 per unit which equals 15 minutes of service. The time is reported through an electronic database.